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How to choose to comb dog beauty

by:Lingyu     2020-05-01
We have the time at home can choose to give the dog dog pet grooming, this is very good. All know that the dog dog beauty to prepare two comb: a needle to comb, comb a straight line, but you know how to choose them? First, use stainless steel comb. Because the pet itself with fungi, and stainless steel comb itself without bacteria, nature also won't spread germs! And the material of the comb is not easy to generate static electricity, so you can avoid the risk of hair flying and knot again. Second, when choosing gilling should pay attention to the hardness of the needle. Now on the market has a variety of gilling, according to the hardness of the needle points in general can be divided into three types: hard needle comb, comb to comb and soft hardness of the needle. Their role is different, so can't use. Of hardness gilling is mainly used to open, sometimes used to large breed dog grooming or wool is qualitative very hard. The comb weakness is easy to mullah off; Needle with a softer hair comb can be used to give a soft dog or cat, also can be used to form smaller monolayer dogs, such as Yorkshire, could be, sometimes this comb filter out hair knot, make the hair comb is not clear. And hardness of gilling purposes and more widely, it used throughout breed, that is to say, all the dogs and cats can be used. Because it is soft hard moderate can comb hair knot can also perform everyday pet beauty care.
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