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How to fox hunting terrier beauty

by:Lingyu     2020-05-20
Fox hunting terrier, it is a traditional English class, energetic, uncontrolled, like to fight. So you know how to fox hunting terrier beauty? Take a look at below! Bristles fox hunting terrier is a traditional British terrier class - — One of the fox hunting terrier. Bristles fox hunting terrier alert, action quick, looking forward to the challenge, its eyes, ears and tail, fully embody the character. Its body is delicate, standing posture, balance, extremely elegant and cheerful, it never seemed in preparing for the next action. Bristles fox hunting terrier is produced for 19th century fox hunting hunting, later in the first world war, British people use it as a dog, and leave brilliant record, fox hunting terrier 'sandler Ma Jieke' won the medal of service. For bristles fox hunting terrier, in appearance as its speed, endurance and strength is very important. Therefore, in the bristles fox hunting terrier should pay attention to some methods when clean beauty, lest after beauty instead affects its image. Dog beauty the biggest key is the hair clean and modification. Has made up of two kinds of wool coat, one kind is the protective hard hairy; One is the lower soft undercoat. From MAO and skin grow in the hair follicles, sebaceous glands connection so healthy coat oil rich and bright, also have certain waterproof and insulating effect. Dog's coat is mainly divided into 5 types, namely, long hair, short hair, silk, don't change hair curly and bristles. Bristles foxhound coat it goes without saying that the bristles. Clean beauty before foxhound: smudgy nurgle, hair messy, colour and lustre is bleak. After the beauty of foxhound: radiant, spirit, lifelike. Steps a comb, brush, comb brush to remove the coat and the dirt on the skin, skin scale soil such as dirt, but also can stimulate the skin, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, increase the fur burnish, prevent multiply, prevent skin diseases, etc. Step 2, bath: ( 1) Note need two ear ear cotton plug, sewage party not inflows. ( 2) Holding the dog head or mouth side, slightly raised, so as to avoid water into the ear or eye. ( 3) After wetting clean dog body with wool washing water. If color filthy claws parts excessive, can be used in moderation for other bleaching, cleaning and sterilization. Drug scouring deinsectization role of clean water. ( Such as insecticidal to itch bath dew) 。 Step three, brush: wash with warm water, with a dry towel to dry dog water. Step four, combing, blowing: with thin tooth comb to dog grooming, made by MAO, ram with wind, that dog hair is easy to blow dry. Step 5, repair hair: terrier repair hair including artificial unhairing and cut short, and make some shorter coat and some part of the show, so as to achieve the beautiful posture. Remove hair clips maojian tea is the thumb and index finger, pull of suitable wool direction, defeathering tweezers is also available. Inside ear, lower abdomen, anus, vaginal and neck and jaw defeathering difficult parts used scissors to cut short. Defeathering took advantage of the hair long, but it is difficult to a net. If you want to complete the whole good need 6 to 9 weeks, when the hair grow back to 2. 6 cm to 3. 9 cm, is the best time. Step 6, pruning claws: front paw is not part of the vessel shall be cut off. Should avoid to cut the dog's paw 'live flesh', can be a small piece of a small piece to be cut off, when the dog tried to retract the foot, is close to live flesh. If live accidentally cut into the meat and bleeding, the parts should be coated with iodine disinfection to stop the bleeding. Step 7 and cleans the ear: dog ears clean at least once a month. Use cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or mineral oil off inunction visible part of the outer ear. Pay attention to the ear hair clamp into the depth, and collaborate with an assistant. Step eight, washing eyes: application of regular cleaning the eye socket and the surrounding saline at ordinary times. Any discharge or tears, and the application of warm boric acid water disinfection cleaning, then good eye ointment. Step 9, brushing teeth: dog breeds, plaque can lead to gum disease and bad breath. At ordinary times can use regular toothbrush toothpaste to canine scrub.
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