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How to give a schnauzer grooming

by:Lingyu     2020-04-29
A schnauzer is terriers, originated in the 15th century in Germany, is the only in the terrier type does not contain varieties of British descent. How to give a schnauzer grooming? Below small make up to introduce to you, I hope it can help you! 【 Combing. Daily grooming should try once a day. Version of the hair is very unique, soft mauri has very hard in the spiral curly, so it was very soft and feels very soft, but the hair is easy to tie a knot, especially when using the straps, under his arm, the position of the back, neck, back, do not pay attention to comb the knot of the situation is very serious, so the hair comb at least once a day is necessary, can greatly save time, also eased the pain dog open knot. ( 1) Comb tool is introduced: feet: daily grooming tools, comb with feet can easily find hair knot, also can thoroughly solve, is a tool of choice. Gilling: for fast to groom, but cannot open hair knot. Used to blow dry hair after bath is better, and the dog dog go out to play, occasionally some dirty on your hair, or water into pieces, the comb effect came out with a needle. ( 2) Combing methods: along the direction of the hair is combed a first, and then reverse the comb. Should start with the comb of maojian tea, slowly transition to our roots and comb at the same time, according to the home position of the skin. To hold hair root knot, MAO is encountered, slowly open, try not to use scissors, don't move too much, try to reduce the dog dog is unwell, action must be light. Don't let the dog hate combing. After the comb as far as possible to give reward. To schnauzer grooming first comb to prepare many tools, to avoid delay because of the tool is not in place during carding carding process, the naughty version every day make hair is a mess, so we try not to keep during carding action is too large, otherwise it will strain the skin, making it combed the shadow, when the time comes to give it even harder for grooming.
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