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How to give mastiff beauty

by:Lingyu     2020-04-06
When we were in the dog dog, for their beauty is also very important. So, how should mastiff care? Underneath, small make up for the share mastiff hairdressing method, hope to be of help! Mastiff's lapdog, small body strong. Body hair is exquisite, smooth, texture soft, not hard. Mastiff coat of hair is that it reveals personality, parents want to make it more beautiful and lovely, quiet and relaxed, so everyday beauty is a must. To the mastiff beauty can use gloves or first bristle brush to brush it body hair, although the mastiff's hair is short, but each listen to comb is necessary. Timely clean up dust and dirt on the hair, make the dog body can keep clean for a long period of time, avoid infection. In daily life, parents should also be regular cleaning mastiff ears, eyes, every week for dogs clean mouth and teeth regularly for mastiff nails trimmed, trim the soles redundant hair. In addition, you also need to regularly bathed mastiff. Each 7 - in the hot summer Ten days need to take a bath, while the cold winter bath can lengthen the appropriate cycle, each 1 to 20 days or so. It is important to note that for mastiff choose bath products should be pet dog is special, and not simply use other pets or human soap and detergent to clean. In addition, after each bath mastiff cleaning, need to be thoroughly cleaned with water, and then use hair pet pet hair dryer to dry the wet hair, in the process of to the mastiff beauty, also want to avoid it catch a cold is ill.
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