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How to give the Pomeranian carding

by:Lingyu     2020-05-21
House keeping long hair or curly dog parents for dog grooming problems and confusion, as long as do not pay attention to do a little, will form the knot of hair. So you know how to comb the Pomeranian cloth? Take a look at below! First comb the dog dog be hair comb hair dog's coat is a very important part of the daily maintenance, simple and can promote the dog blood circulation, and can reduce the dropping in the home. The timing of the carding carding of the time, in the morning and carding, combing 5 minutes per day, do not comb too frequently, but also should not be lazy. Combing the order by the neck before and after the start, since the former backward, top-down: in turn, first from the neck to the shoulder, then according to the information and back, chest, waist and abdomen, the hindquarters, and comb my hair, and at last the limbs and tail, comb the comb side to the other side. Pay attention to the bottom of hair comb comb Mao Yingshun hair comb direction of growth. When some people to long-haired dog grooming, only on the surface of the comb hair at the end of the long hair and ignored the following ( Pastel) The comb. Dogs at the bottom of the hair, soft and smooth, not for a long time, easy to form entanglement, causes eczema, even ringworm or other skin diseases. For long-haired dog grooming, comb layer by layer, namely the long-haired rolled up, and then to comb the bottom hair.
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