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How to give the Pomeranian take a shower

by:Lingyu     2020-05-07
Pomeranian appearance beautiful, thick hair, soft body. How to bathe the Pomeranian? Below small make up to introduce to you, I hope it can help you! — — Preparation is a time when in the bath, what are you going to use tools to take, don't wait to take a shower went again. - — Specific steps 1, use first carding comb to comb the Pomeranian body again, purpose is to give some cluster hair to thin, avoid entanglement of more severe when bathing. Specific methods go here. 2, after adjusted the water temperature, the dogs in the bathtub, the whole body wet, then wipe bath. The order is 【 The upper body 】 — — 【 Lower body 】 — — 【 The neck and head 】 , in the process, you should pay attention to the hard don't too hard, don't get into the dog's eyes ~ ~ 3, then washed bath foam. The order is 【 Upper body 】 — — 【 The lower half 】 4, after rinse, towel conveniently and quickly to the Pomeranian dry body of water, this process don't omissions or careless operation. 5, it is not enough to with a towel, again is to use hair pet pet hair dryer dry dog hair, this process should pay attention to the temperature of the dryer, to control well. About the same, all the process have to OK! ! ! PS: by the way, as a reminder, pomeranians just when I get home, don't give it a bath, hurriedly the puppy body at that time but very fragile, maybe ill, usually wait until three months after having a bath. And don't too frequently, the frequency of the bath dog clean and healthy, we should do some weigh, generally it is ok to wash once half a month!
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