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How to shetland beauty

by:Lingyu     2020-05-07
To shetland beauty, mainly is hair maintenance, let the shetland sheepdog become more elegant and beautiful. Especially in the motion of intense of shetland finish, to an activity after you come back, should be timely cleaning, to keep your body clean and health. So, with thick thick and long hair of shetland, work on beauty and how to correct? Look at the introduction of small make up! In simple terms, breeders need for shetland comb, hair every day. The owner can in leisure takes about 15 minutes or so, gently brush the hair on the body for it. The dirt on the hair, at the same time keep the hair smooth and neat. After the shetland grooming every day, the master should also every week to clean it a ears, eyes, anus gland, toes grade a part of health. 3 - each week for shetland brushing your teeth Four times, thoroughly clean the mouth of the residual dirt, and keep the mouth clean and healthy. At the same time, every 3 - 4 weeks for it to clip a foot Mao Hejiao nails, to maintain a dog from bacteria. Owners can need not too often to bathe the shetland, generally according to the actual situation of the dog dog body, regularly give dog a bath. Give the dog a bath time last choice when the weather is mild, not in cold wet environment to bathe shetland. After cleaning the body, and in dog should use hair pet pet hair dryer timely dog body hair is completely dry, in order to prevent the shetland catch cold sick. In general, to the shetland beauty also need to master some professional knowledge, and need to have relevant experience in beauty. If is first raised shetland friend, you can take the dog to the center of the professional pet grooming to shetland procedures, and then learn the beauty of related experience, after his master scientific hairdressing method, try to herself to shetland in beauty.
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