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How to shih tzus beauty

by:Lingyu     2020-05-20
Shih tzus, alias: lion dog. Native to China, originated in the 17th century. From Tibet, are raised in the lama temple as a watchdog. So you know how to shih tzus beauty? Take a look at below! Shaving 1, MAO, as well as VIP 2, pick out the anus ( No. 10) 3, the back line, from the occipital ( 7) Lana, take MAO, chest and the whole drawing. The tail root slightly pointed out. Head: the shave kiss with his right hand holding the electricity cut, the dog's mouth with his left hand; From tip to tip eyebrow, cheeks, outer corner into ears, neck shave to Adam's apple down 1 - 2 refers to the location of the picture. Repair 1, shearing stresses the foot line, with a VIP. 2, leg ministry line, with a VIP, pruning, scissors can't tasikmalaya cut. 3, because beauty body structure is longer, so the waist line is usually to go to the premise. At the back of the line is an inverted 'U' type. 4, cut into the cylinder body no waist, chest must exceed the elbow, can let a person feel it long legs. 5, forelimbs into cylinder, but should be highlighted on the wrist. 6, round the whole face, slightly below the eye hair cut, head forward Mao Quan comb. To depend on the nose a little as the center of the circle. While pruning to pay special attention to mastering the length of hair when open and close my eyes. The modified head, beautician must is for dogs. The final deck edge with teeth cut together. 7, tail, pruning is proportional to the head can.
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