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How to simple to bathe the dog

by:Lingyu     2020-05-08
How to simple to bathe the dog? In life, we can't go to the pet shop every time looking for the pet beautician to bathe the dog carefully, but in many cases, we can't take the dog dog take the dog to pet store a bath, these things need us to bathe the dog for simple. Simple at home to bathe the dog a bath after four steps. 1. Are to put away the water in the bathtub and regulate water temperature, put the dog slowly in, and then the dog's body to wet, wet comprehensive, especially some hair thick places, ensure the comprehensiveness of a bath. 2. You give the dog a bath should pay attention to don't touch the dog dog's eyes, but also to prevent the dog shaking body, especially when cleaning the dog head, the dog body easier. 3. Give the dog dog slowly with the brush scrub, corner simple cleaning, to ensure that the cleaning effect, can put a little bath at the same time to make the dog sweet sweet remove body odor. 4. Held the dog out of the tub, then use absorbent towel dry quickly, and use hair pet pet hair dryer to blow hair, prevent the dog catch a cold. In addition to pay attention to, give a dog a bath to use special bath.
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