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How to teddy beauty at home

by:Lingyu     2020-05-08
Teddy is a kind of dog is very good to do modelling, in order to make them look more personality, more and more parents tend to be at home doing hairdressing to them. But a lot of people think to teddy beauty just hair cut well, actually, a dog's beauty also includes a manicure, combing, clean the ear canal, crowded anal gland etc, today we introduce teddy's home remedies for everyone. A, necessary tools, nail clippers file, electricity cut, direct shear, comb, shampoo, conditioner that re-moisturizes, ear drops of oil, check blood meal, towel, cotton ball, hair pet pet hair dryer. Second, the step 1. To comb the hair hair can make hair knot open, you can also remove chunks of dirt, easy to master more easily give the dog a bath. 2. Washes the bath dog hair fleeciness bathing, it is easy to shape. When to bathe the dog owners must pay attention to the following points: 2. 1 water temperature should not be too high or too low, with around 37 ℃ advisable, if the temperature is low, want to do a good job of a dog to keep warm. 2. 2 before bath, remember to give the dog dog ear cotton wool, prevent water. 2. 3 water spray from the shoulder, and then slowly move towards the direction to back, abdomen, buttocks. 2. 4 choose pet special bath dew, on the dog's body wash to press a direction on the massage, disorderly scratch of avoid by all means. 2. After 5 washes the bath to dry dog, with a blower. 2. 60 million don't forget to remove the dog dog ears stuffed with cotton wool. 3. Combing after washes the bath to the dog dog again comb hair, comb at this point you can use the hair pet pet hair dryer to help. Don't stand too close to the dog dog blower of tuyere temperature can't is too high, otherwise the dog may be scalded. If see hairy knot in carding process, parts can be wet hair with water, the sorted out and then, if the hair knot is too big to open, so you can only be hair cut off. 4. Clean the ear canal is stained with ear drops with oil cotton swab to wipe gently, pay attention to the cotton stick inserted too deep. 5. Crowded anal gland anal gland and four in the dog the anus directly at eight o 'clock position, when you touch the two screw up your bag, you can begin to give dogs crowded anal gland. Extrusion from light to heavy, don't put the face near the dog the anus at the same time, because the dog dog your anus gland liquid is likely to spray on your face. 6. After confirmation of your nails cut position, quickly cut, the last available file not round place fell flat. 7. Trim the hair hair teddy dog need to pay attention to the six lines - — Back foot line, the line, hip line, chest line, waist line and head lines. The lazy method is on the basis of the last repair hair cut short hair is ok, but if you want to get the dog to change shape, then you need to do some homework beforehand, according to the dog's body and character to judge it is suitable for what kind of modelling. In addition, in the hair, the owners do not 'one size fits all', want to know you a hand, a dog's hair can't take back, in order to give dogs make the best shape, would rather spend more time to cut.
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