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Husky beauty clean method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-22
Husky belongs to a typical double hair varieties. Below small make up to introduce the huskies beauty clean method, I hope it can help you! Teeth huskies have teeth problems, so, as a dog owners, you must give dog brush my teeth every day, in order to prevent dental plaque and tartar and formation of periodontal disease. You can buy a dog in the pet shop or animal clinic only special toothbrush and toothpaste; Young children use soft toothbrush can also, but don't use human toothpaste for dogs to brush your teeth, this causes dogs digestive discomfort. In accordance with the instruction of the toothpaste on the label, with the right amount of toothpaste, tight of the dog every only the surface of the tooth brush it again. In the first few times, dogs and east, west to escape by not accustomed to, then you will help him adapt to patiently. If how husky also refused to brush your teeth, you can use a soft towel or disinfect ShaDian for dogs wipe clean teeth. Or might as well add some coarse grinding inside the dog food or crispy food ( The food with much fiber such as crops and vegetables) , these foods can friction when chewing teeth surface, can help the mouth clean. Eyes often examine the dog's eyes, see if there are any strange: red eye, the eye is too much water, corner 'three eyes' ( Said eyelid swollen) Signs, all is the problem, should immediately medical diagnosis and treatment. Clean, two eyes, the application of wet cotton ball or towel, gently rub around the eye, do not use finger or cotton buds and other hard objects, and these things will be stabbed eyes. Ears to scrutinize the dog's ears every week, see if there are any inflammation, redness and swelling; A sniff have peculiar smell; Touch it and see the dog will not feel hurt. If everything is ok, as long as with dry cotton ball cleaning. Have the wax, can just touch some glycerol on cotton bar, and then carefully clean up, or choose cleaning supplies to clear the vet suggested. Hips, though a bit disgusting, you'd better check the dog's hip, often check for anal fissure, inflammation, and see if dog feces is stuck to the anus, a mess. If your dog with red inflammation and pain and refused to go to the toilet so anal part is likely to be out of the question. Don't pry myself a dog to help him drain anus, should appeal to the vet, let him do. Husky it does not know in this 'the face of the world has a handsome face' how important it is, so could resist you do some cleaning work for it. We should have patience and try to appease it. If it can be well done cleaning, can be appropriate to give some food reward. Husky the 'pretty boy' image work, and also need your efforts to master!
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