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Husky beauty must pay attention to the skills

by:Lingyu     2020-05-10
The Siberian husky common alias huskies. Siberian sledding dogs between 25 ~ 60 pounds ( 16~27kg) Between, height, about 20 to 23. 5 inches ( 51~60cm) , is a medium-sized dog. Below small make up to introduce the huskies beauty must pay attention to the skills, welcome! Husky beauty must pay attention to the tip 1, taking a bath, bath is husky and beauty of the basic skills. Need to be aware that in the process of a bath because huskies have lower thick hair, if not careful cleaning, it's hard to go deep into the skin. 2, when blowing to husky dog beauty, pet hair dryer is also an important part of. Blowing Suggestions with high power blower after bathing, to ensure the husky dog every hair of dry, and also to prevent a long time, let the dog catch a cold. Finally to note: the hair blow to husky. 3, when cut beard to husky cut beard, cut short as possible to direct shear, hair brush or comb with the needle between toes against hair comb, reoccupy circular tooth cut foot cut into eggs. 4, reasonable diet diet will keep huskies just health body and high quality hair. Today, both domestic and attend the show, the husky, cannot do sandbagging long distances every day, so the huskies daily diet should try to avoid high fat food. If husky dogs usually do not pay attention to exercise and nutrition food to eat too much, can lead to excessive fat accumulation, and affect the normal posture huskies, even too much body fat content will produce lower hair sparse or falls off phenomenon. 5, pay attention not to high temperature movement huskies belongs to a typical double hair varieties. The lower hair is very thick, the upper hair straight, smooth, rely on the lower support. In the summer, huskies most of the time should be in the low temperature air conditioning room, so we can keep the inner layer of normal hair growth. In sleep, also want to do appropriate adjustments than in other seasons, morning activities and training as much as possible before the temperature rise is complete. Begin again until the sun, the temperature gradually lower activity that can avoid husky a lot of hair in the afternoon.
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