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In the summer to bathe the dog

by:Lingyu     2020-05-09
What are the precautions for the summer to bathe the dog, if you have a dog dog come and see it! Below small make up to introduce the summer considerations to bathe the dog, the hope can help you! Summer to bathe the dog note below to introduce you to the dog dog take a shower of science methods, the puppy ( The following two months) And weak, sick dog old dog can dry clean only, is to use wet towel to wipe the body. For the sake of the dog usually three to four times a month in summer, winter wash once or twice a month is enough. Can't help the dog a bath, so as not to let it physiology imbalances. Always, just put the dog to wash clean, half an hour after it became the mudskipper, let masters in distress situation. Shower is to let the dog owners work one of the most headaches. But we always hope that their pets clean, don't leave home to get dirty, so diligent master no matter much trouble, see dogs dirty will give it a bath, sometimes two or three back to a week to wash. But we ever thought whether a dog like that? Actually for the dog, in addition to cool in the summer, the shower is not any meaning, will there be any harm to it: even the dog near the anus gland often secrete with smelly substance, but it is precisely that help the dog smell calibration site and find your way home. In addition, the dog dog sebaceous glands can also secrete a kind of smell protective grease, role is to make the dog skin is not polluted by the climate and the outside world. So, for the sake of the dogs we cannot too frequently to give the dog a bath. Only when the dog dog stink, it was the patience to consider giving it a thorough cleaning. Generally three to four times a month in summer, winter wash once or twice a month is enough. Don't because of too much concern from you only hurt the dog. Give the dog a bath should be used exclusively for dogs special pet bath, because the dog dog skin is alkaline, and human skin is acidic, long-term use can make common bath or soap dog dry, aging skin and hair removal. And ordinary bath are joined with spices, and this is the dog didn't like, because if it's fragrance, no dog, other dogs don't agree with it, and will be a bully it. If you really can't buy special pet dog bath, we choose only the baby bath or baby bath soap, because the baby's skin and dogs have a similar place, and there is no irritation. The puppy, The following two months) And weak, sick dog old dog can dry clean only, is to use wet towel to wipe the body, and to choose a closed room, the dog can completely dry after ventilation. The following is a bathe the dog selected steps: careful combing, the hair bulb, hair knot choose division. The dirt attached to the dog body away. In order to protect the ears don't fill in otitis media, can be in its ear hole plug ShangMian rods. Eyes also can besmear ShangYanYao creams to prevent water and infection. Inject more than 35 degrees or so in the wash tub with warm water, let the dog dog standing inside, starting from the tail water upward. Whole body spray all over it. On the back and the right amount of bath, gently rub to produce a large number of bubbles, and then start from here to wash down the rest of the show. Pay attention to the ears, feet, neck, have to wash to near the anus. After the wash water rinse bubble, if it is too dirty, then sprinkle with bath, redo it again. Inject clean warm water in the wash tub, carefully clean all the bubbles off the dogs. Held the dog to the ground, let it shed water, with a large towel to clean it. Use hair pet pet hair dryer with a comb, the dog's hair blow dry. In the summer can be caused by its own dry, short-haired dog need not blowing, but also must be dry. Remove the plug the ear cotton swabs, wipe off the inner ear. We have repeatedly emphasized to be thoroughly dry the dogs because the dogs had just finished washing bath, because it have hair, water is not easy to dry, the wind blows is easy to catch a cold, and cold is the main cause of infant death in puppies. This air-conditioned owners pay special attention to in the home, when summer give dog a bath and don't open air conditioning, the shower or the dog will soon cold. This puppy mortality rate is much higher than in the summer you can see in the winter.
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