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In winter the wrong dog hairdressing method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-25
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. Below small make up to introduce the winter the wrong dog hairdressing method, I hope it can help you! 1, frequent to give the dog a bath, or make is for humans, also need not take a bath every day in the winter, and the dog dog because of a lot of speed is slower than the human sebum secretion, so every time they take a shower of the time interval should be longer. If the owners often give the dog a bath, then will not only make the dog skin to protect their skin sebum wash off, will greatly increase the chances of dog skin disease. In addition, in the shower, unless it is used to wash cold bath dog since I was a child, or winter to bathe the dog still need to use hot water, so as to avoid dogs suffering from a cold. 2, not blow dry after bathing for many owners, especially long-haired dog owners, because of the dog's hair and more long, therefore, to give them a bath after a blow dry work is very complicated. At that time, many owners often blew fifty percent or seventy percent when dry, let the dog dog dry naturally. However, this method is completely wrong. For a dog, out of the shower after dry work is very important, it can not only ensure the dog hair smooth, not knot, but also in the dog skin disease have certain defense effect. And because dry work so important, so every time to go to the salon owner to dog when it is blowing hair so expensive. 3, give the dog the human perfume, for in many dogs have a little smell is very normal things. Likely because more bath in summer some taste is lighter, but in the winter, because fewer bathing, so the smell will become more intense. At that time, many owners because can't stand the smell and give the dog dog can spray perfume, for their own use to cover the smell, little imagine, this approach is completely wrong. Because for the dog, the perfume is contained in the human use of alcohol content is beyond the range of their skin to withstand, can produce serious stimulus to their skin, for a long time past, still can let dogs suffering from skin diseases. 4, do not give a dog ears Mao Dong days because of the cold weather, so many owners are generally not give the dog dog shearing. This dog's coat in winter, however, is that you can't cut, but for the dog's ear hair, even in the winter, owners should also regularly to cut, don't afraid of the dog dog ears cold and not cut to them. Because for the dog, if they ear ear hair too much, so it would be easy to cause the dog of the inner ear inflammation, so as to make the dog feel itchy, painful. In addition, on the dog ear hair, pull must be completely drawn, don't because the dog was afraid of pain and only use scissors, because in this way, will only make a dog's ear hair under the old and new ear hair grow together more get more. 5, will the dog hair cut too short don't like summer in winter, in order to keep warm, dogs will need help from the coat, then if the host will cut their hair too short, even put on thick clothes again, still can't give them warm. Therefore, in the winter to dog beauty, for some necessary attention owners must be careful, don't make beauty is the harm of the dog.
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