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Is Lingyu priced high?
Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. prices products depending on a number of factors, including the fixed costs, raw materials, and more. And the pricing policy is "Not Being the Cheapest, Being the Best". We never get into a pricing war with competitors. Instead, we offer Lingyu better than theirs. We know we're not the cheapest option in the market, but we make up for that by providing our clients with once in a lifetime experiences and providing them with the best products.

Lingyu has many years of practical experience in the field of pet cage. Now, we are striving hard to expand its overseas markets to win more share. dog cage is the main product of Lingyu. It is diverse in variety. The product can handle well under high temperatures. It exhibits high retention of properties and low volume swell when subjected to high temperatures. The shapes and sizes can be customized based on the sizes of the pet. This kind of product can present the wearer a different feel with the advantages of fine flexibility and deformation resistance and thickness. The surface of the product is anti-corrosion.

We believe good communication is the foundation. Our company has made great efforts to create an environment for positive communication with clients built on collaboration and trust.
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