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Is there any order for dog grooming

by:Lingyu     2020-04-16
Husky's hair to ensure they are handsome, for people who feed the huskies, I can only say admire, husky because it's cute, funny than character and liked by everyone, is to let a person love and hate, but wants to make his husky dog looks beautiful, radiant, can want to spend more time in pet grooming, under the following below to share some methods for husky beauty. Diet: reasonable diet will keep huskies health body and high quality hair. Today, both domestic and attend the show, the husky, cannot do sandbagging long distances every day, so the huskies diet should try to avoid high fat food, eating too many calories without being consumed, can lead to excessive husky fat accumulation. Bath: lower because huskies have thick hair, if not careful cleaning, it's hard to go deep into the skin. Advice when blowing with high power blower thoroughly blowing process, ensure each hair dry. Bath to use special bath, such as Sally Kim canine herb rinse bath, etc. Three, hair clip: let the huskies hair after pruning has a natural state. 1. Trim beard and hair between the toes to keep clean. 2. Beard cut short as possible to direct shear, hair brush or comb with the needle between toes against hair comb, reoccupy circular tooth cut foot cut into eggs. Professional pet beautician tip: 3. Finally finishing is vital, neck hair combed upwards, and the appropriate finalize the design water spray, make the neck look more strong and more highlights its adequate bone mass. On the premise of not against nature, can for your huskies are also make small clip.
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