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Leung method how to trim the hair

by:Lingyu     2020-05-24
Pomeranian nails, appearance beautiful, colour and lustre is light. What should we give leung nails trimmed? Leung nails trimmed need what tools? What's the skill method? Below small make up take you to see see! Leung nursing skill commanding, toenail translucent shape, through the blood vessels that can see the red light. Nails, don't cut to the site of blood vessels. In general, for the Pomeranian trim nails we commonly used tools are mainly nail clippers, file, and so on. For the Pomeranian nails trimmed, need to pay attention to it, parents should try to link the dog nervous fear, let it become calm in give it trimmed nails. When pruning parents can hold commanding, foot with one hand, carefully confirm toenail clippings, quickly cut nails. Then, use file nails into circular arc form. , of course, if parents are not familiar with or is the first time to commanding, cut nails, the host can adopt gradual cutting bit by bit, trim will be safer, and not easy to hurt the Pomeranian. And, of course, if parents accidentally shears dog meat, resulting in serious, so the host should first check the wounds of the dog, then disinfection sterilization, to dog hemostatic bandage. If cut injury situation is serious, so do to pet the dog to pet hospital for professional disinfection bandage. It is important to note that the Pomeranian sole secretary filled with long thick hair, and add more easily perspire, easy to precipitate bacteria, dirt, hair more easily entangled together. So, parents breeding pomeranians must timely give Pomeranian nails trimmed regularly. Generally speaking, every two weeks or so, parents should check a Pomeranian toenail growth situation, and then continue to need pruning.
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