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Method of cattle dogs face and feet wool processing method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-25
For French bulldog and beauty is actually a very interesting thing, if you don't like to beauty parlour to French bulldog repair hair, also can operate at home, as long as buy a pet special trimmer, along with the taste to trim your be fond of, is also a kind of fun. To buy French bulldog repair hair is dog very be necessary, easy do, easy to dredge, good appearance. Rather than to shave the hair shaft of French bulldog claw net, thin than repair to the real benefit. Pruning methods: facial clip: 1. Jaw: jaw head long hair not only useless, also affect facial appearance, so spare parts should be cut off. 2. Eyebrows: his eyebrows, scissors not blunt eyes, lest the French bulldog touch eyes bruised. 3. Lips edge: lips down long fur will be cut off. Pruning should be lips and hold it first, to avoid damage when it suddenly touch. Note that beard cut can't blind, it's French bulldog important detector yo! Legs and feet to agile: the leg is the most easy to dirty parts of the French bulldog, if the hair on the feet too long, not only start to not convenient, also easy to stain the dust and bacteria. So to tiptoe hair grow long hair clip and toe tip off, clean, comfortable feeling. 1. On the toes, toes Mao Yong small scissors cut to the length of the fingertip to live so far, the French bulldog 'maojian tea just take a walk. Then use cut between toes grow hair clip into a natural circle. 2. Front leg: use a wooden comb edge will straighten out MAO, edge with a small scissors to cut off long hair. In order to make it look more natural, don't cut into the same length, all should according to the outline of the leg can adjust cut length. 3. Hind legs, back legs Mao Ruguo grow too long, can give a person a heavy feeling, trim it with the cut into the shape of a natural. But be careful not to cut too much, and pay attention to the overall sense of balance. Three, MAO often cut the bottom of your feet: the soles are part of a French bulldog heat dissipation, the gap between the chairman of the meat ball out a lot of hair. If this part of the hair has grown too long will cover the meat ball, make the French bulldog must be able to walk without retractile, and easy to slip when walking on the smooth surface of fall, at the same time is also very bad for heat dissipation. When pruning, with a small scissors to grow tiptoe cover meat ball long hair all cut off. Cut, cut up the meat for the ball with your fingers to poke around, sure MAO's position, then use scissors on the edge will long hair cut of meat ball, lest hurt toes. In addition, at the foot of the hair too long and easy to absorb dust and dirt, or walked on water damp place with a lot of water, made the breeding conditions for bacteria, causing skin diseases, etc. So often to repair hair cut too long foot French bulldog, keep feet clean and tidy. At the foot of the hair growth is very fast, so every time clip to try to trim the shortest, but be careful not to cut into the skin, clip before you want to hold to your feet. In addition, meat ball itself also has a lot of long hair, don't forget to cut.
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