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Persian cat beauty care including what kind of jobs

by:Lingyu     2020-04-05
Pet cat has a lovely and beautiful appearance, but in daily life, owners are still not old beauty for cats do less. And Persian beauty care, including what work? Feeding the cat owners know that cat due to short lachrymal short nasal cavity, thus eye secretions become more. Every cat canthus tears secretion and clean, with humid towel to wipe, or use of medical cotton ball with special wash eyedrops or with 1:50 boric acid water gently scrub. If the cat eye secretions, also need to the vet or drops 2 - 3 drops of norfloxacin eye drops or chloramphenicol eye drops for treatment. Persian cat belongs to long-haired varieties, one of my pet cat it all the year round without the hair removal problem. As a result, owners need to carefully every day to help Persian cat grooming, guarantee 10 - every day 15 minutes of comb. First use tooth of hydrophobic comb gently comb again, will the cat hair combing of the body. Then in the teeth of a comb careful combing, cats will be the death of the body hair, fall off the dirt on the hair and hair comb. If there are any knot ball, hard to comb the hair, can also use the scissors cut the hairball, for simple. In addition to the clear cat eyes, grooming, there is another important job is bathed cats. Persian cat a bath without too often, usually 1 - 2 months to clean one. After washing the cat, must will drip to wipe dry with a towel, then wet hair with a hair pet pet hair dryer blow dry thoroughly, prevent Persian cat catch cold catch a cold and sick.
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