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Persian cat grooming method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-25
Cat has its beautiful and lovely appearance gentle unique personality. To introduce the below small make up, in that to Persian cat grooming method, for everybody reference. Generally speaking, the owners will take 15 - every day 30 minutes for Persian cat grooming. Or cat hair is easy to tangle together, appear coarse coarse, seriously affected the Persian cat and beautiful appearance. In Persian cat grooming, the first outdoor or cat on a plastic mat, let its stable to stand still. Outdoors for Persian cat grooming, some flea and dander can be retained in the outside, in order to reduce home become a hotbed of bacteria, parasites. Assistant for Persian cat hair need to be ready to close tine, loose tooth comb, but also to prepare wire brush and brush. Dense dilute tooth brush is used to comb two suitable Persian cat hair, steel wire brush is used to remove loose hair. Finally, tooth brush is used to comb facial hair in the grooming process, first of all to follow the Persian cat hair growth direction to comb again, and then reverse the direction of hair growth to comb again. The entire grooming smooth later.
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