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Pet brush tools and methods of use

by:Lingyu     2020-05-19
For pet grooming brush is an indispensable process, also very exquisite brush, brush gloves for short-haired dog comb can be used for outer hair and remove dead hair, in addition to the bristles gloves, wide tooth comb, fine-tooth comb, just brush, brush plate are common grooming tools. Common grooming tools: wide tooth comb, fine-tooth comb, just brush, brush plate, grooming glove. A, the use of the comb 1. With wide tine first comb ( Comb or a knife) Completely thorough carding MAO layer, the purpose is to open the slubs. 2. With a fine-tooth comb will be lined with fine hair, Bottom MAO) Separately, remove dead hair, be careful not to pulling on, lest hurt GG. 3. Comb hair knot not move, can from the outside or gradually solved with the hand, and then sorted out. The use of the two, just brush 1. Just brush after comb combing, commonly used after finishing type carding finishing coat. 2. Just brush brush tooth length must be through the layer to the skin, MAO too short just brush it is easy to make hair knot. 3. Gear just brush can be used with short hair varieties, long woolly GG to use just brush teeth. 4. The bristles should be from GG's head, along the direction of hair growth, backward brush down, reverse the bristles will hurt hair. Three, sheet brush bristles and the usage of the plate is on the square plate, accompanied by bending metal shame and hand, purpose is to remove dead hair brush plate. Four, the use of the brush bristles gloves wool gloves for short-haired dog can be used for outer hair and remove dead hair combed. The bristles gloves for long-haired dog, carding effect is not ideal. Above is sent, pet grooming school to tell you about tools and methods of use for pet brush, hope will be helpful to you.
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