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Pet dog beauty what steps

by:Lingyu     2020-05-17
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. Pet dog beauty what steps? Below is a small make up to share information, let's take a look at. Comb brush, brush with needle comb comb is not easy to break the benefits of hair, had better use stainless steel and a soft needle comb. Comb method begins with the foot, from the bottom, from tail to head, don't against hair comb, to arrange the hair, so that we can solve most of the junction. Comb brush finished, comb with beauty, Kuo narrow comb) Comb, use first broadly scattered teeth of a comb, it can further solution section, but with a little bit small, will be too easy to broken hair. After the comb with wide tine that surface, comb with narrow side teeth straight again can. Ear, eye clean up the dog's ears the most susceptible to disease, should be more careful. To clean out their ears, ear fluid (wash first Pet with) Besmear is on cotton swabs, clean the inside and outside of the ear, pour a small amount of antiphlogistic powder inside the ear, his ears, allow the antiphlogistic powder into the ear, ear after cleaning, gently pull the ear hair, and then the ears with forceps in dark hair pulled out. Eyes, as long as the regular drop some eye drops ( Chloramphenicol) Can prevent eye disease, long-haired dog eyes are easier to inflammation, pay special attention to. Toenail repair nail is simple, just to a blood vessels can be cut, not cut it too hard, because it will be very easy to hurt it. A best habit since childhood, every 2 - Cut a 3 week, to avoid blood vessels too long toenail too coarse. Bathe the dog a bath regularly, depending on the type and the length of the hair density. Bathe the dog should pay attention to the water temperature, summer don't use too hot water shower, not cold water, warm water is the best. If the dog has fleas, use the warm water can effectively remove the fleas. But if the dog suffering from skin diseases, the water temperature is too high will have bad influence. In addition, to choose suitable bath ( Pets) Application, long-haired dog, some mild bath, with higher protein have flea dogs should be chosen which has the function of lice contain medicinal bath be but careful not to wet the eyes and ears. If you find lice bath still cannot kill ticks and fleas, dogs can use dogs with lice. The flea collar. Try to put the dog in the shower every part use protect hair fluid, the effect will be more obvious. Drying to dog washes the bath to immediately after drying, avoid cold and skin diseases caused by the moisture as poly. Can use first absorbent towel is wiped dry, pets can dedicated towels suction but not suck oil. Help keep the fur shine. Don't too hot and too concentrated to blow blow drying, so it can burn the skin. Application of scattered wind blow dry hair, if the feeding large dog, can consider to use pet special blower. Pruning finally is part of the clip, the dog sometimes due to the tense and touch, so be very careful and patient. Mao Yong camber of straight off the bottom of your feet first, and then cut out the foot type, then the leg is too long and irregular hair cut, followed by pruning side hair, be careful the anus near broken hair clip, finally cut the hair of the head. Eyes and ears parts should be especially careful, because this is the most easy to hurt. Can use a comb to help after the completion of it will divide MAO, are interested can add a headdress flower in the head and braid, it will look more lovely, you might as well give it a try.
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