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Pet dog clip shaving basic three-piece suit

by:Lingyu     2020-05-07
General pet grooming tools to pet stores can buy, can buy all kinds of shearing apparatus. Hair cut with a knife is a metal serrated tool, to root out dead hair. Scissors are used for eyes, ears, lips, feet, and around the anus and genitals of hair clip. If you are at home for the dog dog clip, also need not too complicated, as long as there are a few essential 'weapons' is enough! A, comb: comb is definitely something home, especially often need to give the dog dog grooming, knot so sticky. To the dog dog trim or shave a short hair, comb can have the effect of scale and protection. On the one hand, can according to his be fond of, give a dogs' hair thick, hierarchy, use a comb to grasp the scale. The second aspect can also avoid dogs were injured, some parents may not give the experience of the dogs' hair a lot, have a comb block won't because of wrong scissors and injured dog cough up ~ 2, scissors, cut hair must use scissors! Pets' hair scissors in the pet shop or salon should be can buy, a powerful network and a large purchase channels. A pair of scissors can solve the problem of the vast majority, the scissors is normal, have serrated side, can be used for the thin layer of MAO and does not affect the appearance. Want to see what cut like your craft! Three, buzzer: pet buzzer and the person with the main difference between them in the head and motor, blade sharpness is much stronger than the hair salon, horsepower than people to use, also the blade sharpness and steel material, heat treatment and grinding accuracy, pet with blade material, heat treatment and grinding accuracy, including the strength of the spring are much higher than people with blades, and to achieve the accuracy, cost and processing equipment and processing technology are much higher. Found smaller power if you use the time, it is urgent when clean up the cutting head of hair, attention should be paid to the heat of the buzzer, overheating time to cool off, lest hair card can't pull in the buzzer, the dog dog pain or damage.
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