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Pet dogs hairdressing method of dandruff

by:Lingyu     2020-05-18
Pets dogs unavoidably will give the dog a beauty, but the price of the pet shop is very high, below small make up to introduce you to pet the dog dog beauty dandruff, welcome! Pet dog beauty dandruff method' Tactical a bunch of dog a bath 】 Take a bath, to help your dog a bath, can very good get rid of the old scurfy skin scrape together. Bath need not too positive, basically take a bath once every two weeks in the summer, winter wash once a month is about the same, be careful, too frequent bathing is likely to damage the oily layer on the dog hair oh. 1, the shower with lukewarm water. 2, pay attention to avoid your eyes. 3, finally, remember to put the dog dog wet hair dry. 【 Small make up to say 】 To let the bubble bath stay on the dog for a few minutes, the medicinal composition can give full play to the role. Don't choose and employ persons with dandruff shampoo to bathe the dog, lest produce more stimulus, dogs have serious scurfy, had better not use contain kill ticks composition of wool washing bath for them, this kind of product will make the skin more dry. 【 Tactical two help dogs and adding oil 】 Add some oil: one reason may be that included a dander insufficient amount of oil in the food. So in adding the right amount of pet food for fish oil is a good idea, it can help restore normal skin metabolism. As long as a day and half a spoon or a tea spoon of fish oil, can clearly improve the effect. 1, if a dog live in dry environment, also can cause a lot of dandruff, might as well to a pet shop to buy some oily hair spray. After spray on the hair, can effectively avoid the excessive water evaporation on the dog's hair. 2, babies are commonly used to maintain skin products can also nourish the dog fur. 【 Small make up to say 】 When you feed the dog dog eat fish oil to pay attention to not impatient, not just to eat too much, otherwise it may cause a dog indigestion, loss of appetite, and even have loose bowels! 【 Tactical three help comb dog grooming 】 Combed wool, regularly for dog grooming, can make the normal accumulation of old dander and brush off, can also help the dog skin secretion of natural oils evenly on every inch of the skin, as long as often combing, many off dander problems can be solved naturally. When selecting a comb to pay attention to whether the comb. Can I try them on in the back of his hand. If you feel pain, that dog is likely to have the same feeling, in fact, people used to comb my hair comb is very fit for dogs, further also can choose special pet grooming combs. 【 Small make up to say 】 Help the dog dog grooming should do every day, especially long-haired breeds, in addition to help the dog dog dander, also can solve the problem of dog hair knot, for the dog dog on the health and appearance is very important. 【 Four change tactics feed 】 Change of feed: some of the poor quality of feed cannot meet the dog a nutritional needs, can lead to hair in poor health, many dogs after the switch to another of a professional feed, scurfy problem was healed naturally, try not to feed the food people eat.
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