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Pet grooming brush and comb method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-14
Brush is the first step on the dog and beauty, it is a very important step, emphasized the importance of the bristles because only through brush can preliminary change the whole image of the dog, and also the foundation of the follow-up cosmetic procedures. Is below small make up share of pet grooming brush and comb method, let's take a look at. The bristles may take a long time, especially thick and messy hair dogs. There are several very effective trick this can reduce the work time, must be thoroughly before bath brush, because clutter or mutual tangles after wet hair tangles more closely. Comb is the second step after brush, brush and comb is actually mutual coordination, the law should be: comb brush three comb, comb, and repeat. A regular hair brush and hair comb dog has the following advantages: A, massage the skin, stimulating new hair growth. B, removing dirt and aging of hair. C, help prevent hair entanglement, rough. D and keep the skin clean and healthy, keep dogs and in vitro parasite infection disease. E, the natural oil evenly distributed in the surface layer of fur. F, making hair look healthier and more luster. So we just know the concept of brush and comb and benefits is not enough, first of all, every hair to comb, comb not only easy to comb the hair. Mistake most people make is just comb brush on the surface of the hair, the hair below especially close to the skin of the hair is often neglected. In addition to choosing the right brushes and combs, we even use add proteins of hair conditioner or beautify hair and hair knot open liquid. These special products before comb gently gush on the hair, the effect was wet and slippery. Because electrostatic comb dry hair when, make hair brittle, when met hair brush and comb end will make it broken. And slightly moist hair can make it easier for the brush and comb through the hair, but don't spray too much. The most common cause of hair tangles is failing to comb or not correct, although you may choose the correct brushes and combs, often mistakenly used, may be only from the surface of the hair brushed, not entirely through direct skin hair. Dry hair with good hair tangles, within a very short time in close to the skin wrapped in a piece. Even if you know how to correct grooming, also the key of 'tie MAO period'. Wet weather for a long period of time, for a long period of time does not take a bath and combed not in time can cause hair tangles. Dog hair comb molt puppy period is the most critical period. At this point, near the end of the hair is thin and skin hair together, because of the puppy fuzz in the same pores are shag instead. When the new thicker hair to grow, with soft hair tangles of puppies. In the moult issue such as can't brush every day, dog hair overnight will be near the skin to form large tangles. The most troublesome parts is on the front of neck and shoulder, ears, armpits and the hind legs. It is necessary to understand before you comb tangles tangles is formed. All types of hair, And the dog) There are two basic parts: hair root and hair shaft. MAO was rooted in the skin, the hair shaft is part of the surface of the skin grow. Hair shaft by the separation of three layers: the epidermis ( Or outer) , cortex ( Or middle) , pulp ( Or inner) 。 Skin is hard and flat by overlapping scales ( Similar to the tiles and scales) 。 These scales up to the outside along the direction of hair growth. Healthy hair, especially the regular and correct comb hair, its scales and reflective face-up. But they will attract a lot of dust, particle and foreign material. If the hair is failing to comb or incorrect comb, scales will force, dry straight. Accordingly, if the lack of oil on the hair shaft, scales of rough edges and other edge of the scales on the hair shaft to crisscross, forming entanglement. The longer tangles area is larger, if does not comb, finally will form a strong hairball. Accumulation on the skin of the static electricity will also has a negative effect on the hair, too much static make hair don't break, resulting in tangles. In addition, fuzz tangles more easily than shag.
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