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Pet grooming clip common tools

by:Lingyu     2020-05-05
Indispensable to dog beauty with various kinds of tools, so for dogs beauty, care tools are something special and rare shape. Even the simple equipment, is difficult to get used to the novice. Now from decorations to a wide range of beauty appliances, beauty tools must be suitable for all kinds of dogs and qualitative requirements, achieve the goal of pet grooming. To introduce the commonly used several tools: hair pet pet hair dryer, grooming scissors, bang modelling scissors, scissors, pliers, comb scraping ( Hard) , scraping the comb ( Soft) , combs, Gold tooth comb, comb, small comb) , tooth brush, claws, and file, hemostatic, composite paper and rubber band. Hope to be able to remember the name of the tool, the beast, with brush shape and when to use.
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