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Pet grooming pet mask of necessary tools

by:Lingyu     2020-05-15
Some pets in the beauty for their qualities in your character because of fear or cruel pets, for the touch of a stranger, rejection by tension or resistance. Pet masks is in order to ensure a successful beauty and use. A wide variety of products at a fixed muzzle as main purpose, only cats are (even covered my eyes, Nylon fabric products) , in accordance with the following material is divided into four categories: iron: strong, but bulky, easy to scratch. Light nylon fabric system: to use, but not durable. Leather: durable but I can't quickly fixed hasp, use for a long time have peculiar smell. Plastic: with insteae type fastener, with smooth, hard surface is not easy to break, easy to clean. Good mask need to satisfy the following conditions: not hurt the pet; Buckles easy to use, can rapid operation; Not easy to fall off; Easy to clean.
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