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Pet grooming the most prone to three big safety accident

by:Lingyu     2020-05-06
Today, many people would choose to do a beauty for their pets, but you know what pets do when beauty is easy to appear safety accident? Pet grooming, below small make up for you about the three most prone to accidents, and see it! Pets don't cooperate with the damage if the dog in the process of beauty is not co-operating even skilled technology should be very careful, don't because want to catch time and cause errors, then stop the operation at hand is better than calm mood, a good discipline for the dog, and cooperate the works of beauty. I've seen a lot of damage because of a dog will not cooperate with case, bad is only a small dog's hair cut, because with a dog will not hurt my ear, tongue, and cut even genitalia have; What's more, because the dog dog fights not obedient, the dog body damage and even death, believe you also to have seen the news events. If you touch a puppy, should take good care of the dog dog beauty experience to work for the first time, ready for service again later, also in the interests of other pet beautician service the dog dog. Pet damage nervous if nervous fear, doing hairdressing you will have trouble, bow back, can't afford to get down, go back to bite, trembling, jumping up and down, this phenomenon is very common, the dog dog to quiet down, this time do hairdressing, very prone to accidents. It was really pediatrician, beautician should worry about most is, the dog jumped out of the beauty machine fall, experienced beautician are likely to hear about your dog jumped off the beauty of arms legs broken, the result may be losing money, not only more likely to be the shopkeeper involvement of body and mind, stores and even may be unable to operate. Even if the dog dog jumped off the beauty not what's happening, the beautician and don't take any chances, must be put an end to such things, be careful. Beauty shop popular a word: people from the dog, the dog from people, if you want to writes a word, remember the wire. Tool use is not professional and not good at the damage a wide range of pet grooming tools, and to use the very skilled, is just a number of repeats, the use of part of the tool at the same time more in need of professional technique. So we often say that experienced pet beautician is very valuable talents. Pet beautician experience, if not enough, it is easy to cause harm to the dog in the process of beauty, such as pulling ear hair do not understand, because of the ear canal structure will task the ear bones in the ear canal is more prominent, or don't understand structure of ear hair growth, lead to injury in the ear canal pull the skin; Hair or shave your dog abdomen when easy to shave the surrounding skin wound dog thigh, navel, nipples, etc. So, how to overcome these problems? First, practice tool specialized use method, it doesn't need to be a dog to practice; Second, in the actual operation, must be particularly careful, not too overestimate their technical level, it is necessary to let your colleagues in your side to assist.
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