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Pet grooming tools against Mr Head gilling have what effect

by:Lingyu     2020-05-10
Gilling is coat care is important tool, it usually has two kinds of structure, one kind is with plastic material as the base plate, which adsorption colloid panel, how comb needles on the plant. Another gilling substrate for wood, with wooden handle, also known as the needle plate comb. Gilling have large, medium and small three kinds of models. Comb combing, the end of the needle can easily into the pet hair, from the roots to be hair comb, and tie in combing some serious hairball, colloid of elasticity structure to avoid the hair is pulled, reduce the damage to the skin. Thus, blowing after washes the bath to the dog, will be able to make it easier to dog hair straightening, the depths of the coat and the moisture in the skin can also be completely dry, is advantageous to the dog pet hair dryer, it is commonly used to mullah straight and easy to dry the deep layer of wool.
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