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Pet grooming tools of pet necessary electric scissors

by:Lingyu     2020-05-15
Slightly familiar with the process of pet grooming pet friends all know that in after drying to bathe the dog, the preliminary model of pet need to remove the local coat ( A foot, lower abdomen, the anus, etc. ) , all of which need to use electric cut first. Electric cutting all kinds of all have, from the family to use rechargeable ac/dc, dedicated to the professional fast cutting, presented here is a pet beauty professionals use electric scissors. Fast electromagnetic oscillation type: American electricity cut, but easily because of the high temperature hot, need to use with cooling spray. Motor rotary: Japanese electricity cut, run the slower but to a lesser fuselage. Good electric cut need to satisfy the following conditions: durable, wear a slow, long time. Easy to repair and parts supplies available. Pet maintenance expert familiar friends, in order to guarantee the quality of beauty and the safety of the pet, the electric scissors, do not use of choose and employ persons and to use formal ChongYong electric scissors.
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