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Pet use hair dryer

by:Lingyu     2020-05-05
Bathe the dog annoying is blowing hair, for it can help the dog dog take a shower with more than half the time is to use on the hair blowing it. But this job is very notable thing, if blowing wool so-so, just blow eighty percent dry, seven dogs after several times the risk of fungal infection will increase significantly. Choose a suitable pet hair pet pet hair dryer can largely improve the efficiency of the bath. Blower works by using wind water away from the dog's coat, not by high temperature. So blown out most pet hair dryer is not very high temperature. Because hair dryer work off when a larger ring, so be sure to prior training good dog resilient to noise. Blow hair when try to choose a direction, in order to improve the efficiency of blow hair. Within the first coat dry, then coat on the surface of the handle. Because the blower is blown out just mentioned earlier is not very warm, so don't just open the air blower to the dog, if it is in the winter to do so, it's easy to let the dog catch a cold and sick. 1 - so be sure to let a hair pet hair dryer work After 2 minutes, begin to produce the warm breeze, then go to blow dry dog's coat. In addition to pay attention to is that with the increase of working time, blower, the wind will gradually become hot. At the end of the time for pets may have some very hot, so good don't always let the hair pet hair dryer is in a state of work. Work after a period of time, stop after a period of time, let it cool.
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