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Samoyeds hair nursing key points

by:Lingyu     2020-04-07
Samoyeds hair exuberant, how should care? The following is a small make up of the samoyeds hair care points, welcome reference reading! Special instruments should be used when the first, combing, do not use of choose and employ persons the comb and brush. Iron the use of the comb is holding the comb back in hand, to the wrist soft swing, lateral comb, details of coarse mesh, mesh, comb used interchangeably. Comb usage is to use the power of the wrist, brush teeth, eyes, when combing hand lift hair, brush brush again after another part. Second, detailed carding action should be soft, not rough passing, samoyeds would pain, sensitive parts of the carding ( Such as external genital organs) Be especially careful when MAO nearby. Third, observe samoyeds skin. Clean pink as good, if appear red or have eczema, have parasites, skin diseases, allergies, such as possibility, should be timely treatment. Fourth, found that the fleas and lice parasites, immediately with thin wire brush to brush treatment or the use of pesticides. Fifth, samoyeds with MAO, serious when, at the same time of carding, should cooperate to use protect hair vegetable ( 1000 times dilution) And baby powder. Sixth, the fine balance ( Bottom MAO) Tangles serious samoyeds, should with a comb or steel wire brush along the direction of hair growth, from maojian tea began to comb, and comb the hair roots, bit by bit, don't comb to pull hard, lest cause pain and pull out hair. If serious, rolling and making felts available scissors along the direction of the hair shaft cut open ZhanPian, then comb, comb if you still don't open, can be felt part of the cut, after waiting for gradually grow new hair, comb again. Seventh, in front of the comb by hair, if can use the hot water wet towel wipes samoyeds body, first coat will be more shine. Develop reading: cleaning items 1, samoyed dog was born in February after bathing, vaccinated for more than two weeks after the start. Outdoor breeding samoyed dogs take 3 to 4 times a year, indoor breeding is 20 days to once a month is advisable. Samoyed dog skin is not easy to sweat, like humans don't need to often take a shower. 2 to go for a walk, take a shower before you let it, let it drain urine and feces, and then in order to take a bath. Put the small sa mo dog 36 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ warm water and near the anus first discharge elimination. The sponge soaked in diluted shampoo for dozens of times, and then from the whole body is washing the head back, after clean it with water. Pay attention to don't let the shampoo into the eyes, nose and mouth. 3, but ill samoyed dog, young samoyed dog ( 3 months ago) Don't give them a bath. Because disease samoyeds dog, young samoyed dog body function is poorer, ability is weak, at this time to take a bath, not only can aggravate the condition, also cause a cold easily. 4, even healthy samoyed dog, bath time also should choose before noon to the evening, samoyed dog's coat to completely dry. 5, disease samoyed dog, young samoyed dogs as coat stain, can use comb comb gently a few times or try clean with a towel. 6, play on the seashore swimming or pour out the rain back samoyeds dog must take a shower.
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