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Siamese cat hair care method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-06
For the Siamese cat hair, pet owners is almost every day of work to do. For the Siamese cat grooming, every day to help clean up dirt on cat, lice, also can prevent a hair cottony ball. Daily grooming for the Siamese cats cats can also promote the body blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, is more advantageous to the Siamese cat's health. Jane first, below is prepared for the Siamese cat hair necessary tools. Such as: shampoo, hair pet pet hair dryer, scissors, nursing liquid, talcum powder, cut nails, combs, towels, etc. Second, in to clean up the cat a bath before you ear, cut nails. At the same time, the Siamese cat hair on the body a good comb. If found a cottony ball hard to comb the hair, can use the scissors to cut off. Third, give a cat a bath water temperature can't too high or too low, can make it before washing the cat first test under the water with its claws. If a cat does not exclude can officially began to take a bath, will first get wet cat's body. Fourth, from the head, neck, back, chest, abdomen, arms and legs, hips, the order of the tail, a cleaning. The owner can use both hands gently knead the cat's body, the whole body scrub clean can. Fifth, after rubbing, can clean the cat's body clean with clear water, then use towel to wipe off the water drops on the hair, the cat's hair with hair pet pet hair dryer finally dry can. When to bathe a pet cat, it is important to note that don't take bath and foam to get the Siamese cat eyes and ears, lest make cats don't feel comfortable, not unable to complete the whole process of a bath.
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