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Small pet grooming knowledge is introduced

by:Lingyu     2020-05-17
Pets are good-looking, pet grooming knowledge so you understand? Below small make up to introduce the small pet grooming knowledge is introduced, the hope can help you! 1, pet nails spacing is important in general two weeks for pet cut nails, long nails, not blood line will be more and more long nails, whereas every cut nails blood line to bounce back a bit, so as not to appear the phenomenon of shear bleeding. 2, not all dogs need ear hair common ear hair of the dog has a pull shih tzus, poodles, and depart. In a month or so need to pull out a ear hair, so can effectively prevent the generation of ear mites, prevent the ears is faulty. 3, clean up the anus gland can prevent anusitis about once a month to squeeze the anus gland, we often can see the dog in the home in underground ceng ass, that is about to be careful, tell you it in action, the anal gland should clean it. 4, the dog dog breeds, different frequency different long-haired dog, take a shower bath, once a week, about 10 days to wash a hair dog. For a dog with body odor, or accidentally dirty dog, cleaning can be at any time. But for sick or just injected with the vaccine in dogs, should according to the doctor's orders. Combing before 5, the dog dog to take a bath shower before must first comb by hair, such already can make the tangled hair comb, prevent hair tangles is more serious; Can also be cut large pieces of dirt to remove, easy to wash. Especially around the mouth, ears, armpits, shares the place such as the medial, tiptoe, dogs are reluctant to let a person more to comb combing parts clean.
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