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Small short-haired dog hair care method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-02
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. Below small make up to introduce the short-haired dog hair care little method, I hope it can help you! 1, the dogs to choose a soft brush, tooth and tooth hydrophobic best preparation, because although short-haired dog's hair is short, but also easy to breed the fleas and lice, with a fine tooth comb, can help the dog dog to eliminate fleas and lice. And wash Mao Su, conditioner that re-moisturizes, hair pet pet hair dryer, etc. , convenient to clean the dog hair. 2, must be follow the dog hair growth direction for dog grooming, comb not too hard, when the comb at the same time can gently with the hand petting a dog, to comfort the dog mood, prevention is in to help the dog dog grooming, dog trouble because of emotional problems. Can use teeth of a comb first dog body hair smooth, will also be dog fleas, lice took part, and then use thin comb teeth, will comb again a dog body again. 3. Short-haired dog's hair short dense, so owner for the dog every day best comb a hair, comb each time also need not too long, the dog's body hair comb can be smooth. 4. When cleaning the hair, brush gently along the hair growing scrub, after the whole body scrub give dog a conditioner that re-moisturizes, let the dog hair more luster, submissive, after cleaning with a dry towel to wipe with hair pet pet hair dryer will dry the water on the dog's hair. Related: dog other beauty sense 1, foot care, toes are important parts of the dog, for indoor household dogs, you will need to periodically check the length of the nail, especially suspension toe, to avoid omissions. While pruning to avoid blood vessels and nail bed, with a sharp knife down flat, the need to master needs regular inspection, regular pruning. Foot hair clip is also very important, for indoor household pet dogs, foot hair grow too fast, take action to slip and fall, when go out to play is easier to shelter evil people and practices, and even cause foot inflammation. 2, the ear canal nursing, the structure of the ear canal is very sophisticated, secrete a large number of wax in normal circumstances. For long hair, big ears, hanging ears breed, because of the ear canal obturation, poor permeability, often bacteria, fungi, parasites, such as the best place to breed, induce the dog ear infections, ear mites, serious and even affected the hearing, so the ear care is also very important. Ear care generally includes two contents: pulling ear hair, clean the ear canal, the method is as follows: the ear canal, tu zabad, powder, ear hair, gently massage with bare hands to pull exposed ear hair, root out the inner ear hair gently with the hemostatic forceps, with clean cotton wool ball package hemostatic forceps, slowly clean secretions in the ear canal. Nursing ear, powder coating and ear hair can have the effect of diminishing inflammation, relieving itching, dry environment inside, avoid pulling ear hair cause human infection. 3, anal gland nursing, anus gland is a pair of pear shape glands, on both sides of the anus in dogs around four o 'clock, 8 o 'clock position, each has an opening, can secrete anal gland fluid, as well as lubricating bowel movements, is the main part of dogs identity identification, anal gland fluid JiJiu will be black or dark brown liquid or gunk, smells stink. If long time don't discharge, can induce the anus gland inflammation and anal cyst. Based on pet care, therefore, the first thing to squeeze net your anus gland gland fluid accumulation, and bath wash the residual liquid and dirt around the anus, and then to bath. Operation skills and strength, and avoid causing the discomfort of the dog.
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