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Steps to bathe a great Dane

by:Lingyu     2020-04-01
In the process of raising a pet dog, we do not advocate frequent to bathe the dog, because dog body secrete a grease on the surface, this is to protect the dog hair skin healthy, natural barrier under external parasites, here is a small make up for everybody finishing steps about ways to bathe a great Dane, welcome everyone to read! Great Dane is large size pet dogs, generally 2 - in the hot summer Three weeks for the great Dane to take a bath, and in the cold winter every one times a month for the dog a bath. At the same time, the great Dane training bath should begin from childhood. After the great Dane accept vaccination can try after 2 weeks of training a dog a bath. Of course, as dogs age, the body will gradually grow, and in his great Dane to adult shower also should pay attention to methods, familiar with bathing steps, let oneself can be done smoothly to bathe a great Dane of this job. Before the formal to bathe a great Dane, owners should be ready to the dog dog take a shower of some tools. For example: brushes, scissors, wash Mao Lou, towel, hair pet pet dryer' target='_blank'>hair dryer, etc. At the same time give the dog a bath water temperature should be moderate changes in temperature, before the great Dane formally bathing, best can make it try the water temperature with its claws, if a dog is not exclusive, so at the start of a bath. Before washing the great Dane, of course, should also give the dog dog grooming, trim fingernails. After the great Dane systemic comb hair smooth, also can let bath process became more smooth. Before bath at the same time it is necessary for the dog's nails trimmed, this can be avoided in the process of bath, because the dog dog the strain and scratched his master, lead to can't normal work of the bath. Official was in the shower, the first dog body wet with water, and then playing on the right amount of washing Mao Lou, then breeders use both hands gently rub the dog body parts, until the dog's body after rubbing a clean, clean with clear water in the foam on the dog's body. After cleaning, must use towels to wipe dry the water drops dogs, and then use hair pet pet hair dryer will thoroughly dry wet hair, avoid the great Dane, catch a cold is ill.
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