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Teddy dog beauty step

by:Lingyu     2020-04-04
Teddy dogs are now very popular pet dog breeds, it with cheerful and lively personality, smart appearance of deep enthusiasts alike. Is below small make up share teddy dog beauty step, let's take a look at. First, the need to be ready before beauty beauty tools. For example, a knife, towel, scissors, nails scissors, a comb and so on. Second, to use a comb to comb the teddy bear's body hair. Will be dead on the body hair and hair clean, make fur smooth clean luster. Need to pay attention to observe when carding on the dog's body is there a knot of hair, whether there is a parasitic lice fleas and parasites. Third, to meet a knot ball hard to comb the hair, don't hard pull, to avoid pain in dogs. Parents can use scissors to knot ball of hair cut properly, then the normal carding. Fourth, if parents feel the need, also can give a teddy bear completely take a bath. In shower gel, and then gently rub the dog dog of the whole body, with hands clean dirt, dirt thoroughly, and then clean with clear water, wiping the hair with towel, finally use hair pet pet hair dryer will dry wet hair thoroughly. Fifth, after cleaning, requires formal to teddy bear 'hair. To dress up like a real teddy bear, parents should design the modelling of good beauty first, and then according to the modelling of pruning. The corners of the mouth of the hair clip, appropriate body hair don't cut too short, and more can't kick out entirely. In all after pruning, parents need to use a comb in the body of the dogs were seriously comb by hair, will cut off the hair thoroughly remove from a dog, keep the teddy bear there is a feeling, comfortable body, this teddy bear the whole beauty process is completed.
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