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Than bear dog hair maintenance method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-26
Than bear dog cute appearance, everyone like it, now many are treated as domestic pets, so you need to deal with it regularly hair, disease, etc. Gentle temperament and sensitive than the bear dog, naughty and lovely. The following is a small make up to sort out than bear dog hair curing method, welcomed the reference reading! A, maomao too soft appear such circumstance, often have the following: 1. With wool washing water, (if with super rinse. There will be such a situation; 2. Combing the methods and tools used, generally all carding will have the power of the wrist to comb, and comb very fast, this is wrong. This will cut your hair from roots to drag directly. And had just finished washing, combed with comb to handle Suggestions would be better. After combing the best, see how much you comb it out. (personal advice good comb can be used for a long time. It is best not to save money. Buy a good brand of comb, to bear hair has a lot of protection. Second, the length of hair than bear on the leg length is the length of a comb. The length is the same. Three, the color of the hair yellow for several reasons: 1. Water quality (this is also important to) water quality is not good, the water is hard, yellow. Can appear hair is very dry, brittle, yellow. So before going to comb hair dry after bathing, fantasy conditioner that re-moisturizes, first in carding, huang, consider using water filter. Clean water, or choose a big barrel of water. To wash or soak, have very good effect on hair. 2. Environment dog play environment is also very important, dust on the outskirts of Beijing, I will choose the small pebbles, and in floor tile, spread the runway for them. This will clean a lot. 3. If spray oil will turn yellow color. D if often bleaching, hair will become fragile, broken, yellow. Fourth, need trimmed regularly. Burning hair need often clip, especially when the dog. I usually when they are more than a month will cut hair around the eyes, this will avoid eye hair is too long, tears in eyes. More than two months. Can work as a beauty, then once every half a month I will trim, when they grow up to 5 months, you'll find hair really will be very close.
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