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The Alaskan malamute hair care method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-11
Alaskan malamute itself hair is very long, and a double coat, comb hair so Alaska, we need to carefully. As a qualified parents, of course, should be done regularly to Alaska dog pet grooming. Below is the nursing methods of Alaskan malamute hair, new parents can see together. Alaska dog's hair is thick and long, Alaskan malamute perennial life in cold region, so they are covered with very thick thick fur. Keep it as a pet dog at home, parents to ensure that every day at least once carding for it. Remove dust of dirt on the hair falls off and hidden in the hair from hair. Keep the Alaskan malamute body clean, neat appearance. Want to Alaskan malamute hair care is important to note that the first thing to choose a suitable, professional comb. Master both to easy to use, also suitable for Alaska dogs special structure, to avoid unnecessary pulling in carding, and hurt the Alaska. Actually to Alaskan malamute combing actually very simple, but before the carding, parents should first and Alaska dog communication, make Alaska dog relax nervous mood of fear. Then it stable in around them, at the start of formal combing. Carding can begin from Alaska dog's head, neck, chest, back, abdomen, legs, hips, tail, etc. When combing should pay attention to, in accordance with the first comb again of suitable wool direction, when combing its abdomen, hips should be soft, slow. Because these parts are Alaska dog is sensitive, if parents pulling on can lead to pain, mood become nervous, carding is unable to work properly. Warm reminder: want to Alaskan malamute hair do nursing work, parents should not only to Allah combing regularly, and at the same time of combing check whether Alaska dog hair health, whether there are signs of parasitic infections, if there is need to parasites processed in a timely manner and avoid skin diseases, which affect Alaska dog hair health and physical health.
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