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The correct pet grooming technique

by:Lingyu     2020-05-19
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. Below small make up to introduce the pet grooming technique correctly, I hope it can help you! 1, should be used when combing special grooming supplies, do not use of choose and employ persons the comb. Comb through the use of the method is: hand hold the comb back, wrist, lateral comb, coarse teeth, middle tooth, fine-tooth comb used interchangeably. Coarse teeth of the comb hair direction first straighten out, the teeth of a comb to comb the hair, fine-tooth comb clean up dead hairs. 2, follow the order of hair comb, in accordance with the order of the once upon a time in the future, from top to bottom. 3, be gentle when carding action, have patience careful combing hair, don't hard pull, caused pain to cats and dogs hate combing. In sensitive parts (combing to the dog and cat Such as external genital organs) Nearby, action should be more careful, calm pets at the same time. 4, when combing to watch dog and cat's skin. Found a scabby, alopecia areata, bumps, fester symptom such as to avoid comb, at the same time to timely treatment. 5, meet hair knot phenomenon, to comb the hair tip, slowly comb the roots and will open knot comb; If it is a fast knot, knot, felt, you will need to be careful cut hair knot, and then to comb. 6, if the dog and cat hair thicker, comb to comb through. Can be one layer to separate comb, comb by hair, comb along the open end of carding cloth with soft nap, again after the final reunification of combing. 7, do not comb by hair only and ignore the bottom pile. Knot bottom velvet fine and soft is very easy, if only comb hair, long neglected bottom wool cleaning, dog and cat were Mao Shun slippery, but under the coat at the bottom of the pile is very easy to cluster, cause skin cannot smoothly 'breathing', especially in the wet season, the environment, it is easier to fungal growth, parasites and cause ringworm, eczema and other skin diseases. Get into the habit of often for the cat and dog grooming, not just get rid of the cat and dog dropping annoyance, often for love dandle combing, has more benefits for love dandle itself: 1, promote the blood circulation: in the process of comb for dogs and cats, comb needle repeatedly massage skin, can promote the blood circulation of love dandle, increased skin resistance, eliminate love dandle body fatigue. 2, reduce wool quantity: combing, often fall off the death of MAO can be combed down along the comb, not with the activity of love dandle off all over the room, lead to master dead Angle, bed clothes, room, are dog and cat hair flying in the air. 3, prevent hair knot: especially for a long-haired dog, longhaired cats, often do not comb hair, can lead to hair entangled, knot, felt even, regular grooming, will put an end to this phenomenon. 4, timely find injury, skin diseases, in the process of combing, host can timely find whether there is a dog and cat trauma, skin problems, get the best treatment time. 5, let love dandle more beautiful: hair comb, often stimulate hair follicles, promise love dandle better amount of hair, wool, let love dandle Mao Shun slippery luster. Therefore, to develop into the habit of love dandle combing 5 minutes daily, not only can reduce love dandle away the worries of MAO, also can let the baby healthy skin, hair standards.
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