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The correct way of beauty the teddy bear

by:Lingyu     2020-04-04
Teddy bear is deep spoil people's favorite, a lot of girls, in particular, the teddy bear is very love, many pet owners are very keen to look for it, so, the teddy bear what is the correct way of beauty? 1 / need to be ready before beauty beauty tools. For example, a knife, towel, scissors, nails scissors, a comb and so on. 2 / first use a comb to tidy hair combed the whole body. The dirt on the body and hair clean, make fur soft luster. When combing, need to pay attention to observe on the dog's body lice, fleas and other parasites. 3 / in case of tie, hard to comb the hair, don't hard pull dog to avoid pulling pain. Spoil the Lord can use scissors to knot of hair cut appropriately, then comb to normal. 4 / pet owner can also give teddy thoroughly take a bath. In shower gel, and then gently rub the dog dog of the whole body, with hands will remove dirt, dust thoroughly clean, rinse again. Must be used for the dog out of the shower, towel dry hair, and hair pet pet hair dryer will dry wet hair thoroughly. 5 / in cleaning has been completed, will be formally to teddy 'hair. To dress up like a real teddy, spoil the Lord first should design the modelling of beauty, then cut according to the model. The corners of the mouth of the hair clip, appropriate body hair don't cut too short, and more can't completely shaved. 6 / after completing pruning of pet advocate a dog hair need to use a comb to comb again, will cut off the hair thoroughly remove from a dog, keep the teddy body clean.
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