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The correct way of using the body wash

by:Lingyu     2020-04-03
For dogs use dedicated pet bath shower gel is familiar friends all know, a lot of familiar friends like to bathe the dog at home, so the dog dog how to use bath dew did you know? Today is for you to introduce a dog the correct way of using the body wash. First, before to bathe the dog, whether long-haired dog, or short-haired dog, should first comb to comb the hair, comb so that hair after the shower not knot. Secondly, give a dog a bath water temperature shoulds not be too high nor too low. Before bath, let the dog dog PAWS test under the water, if it can accept it. Third, after everything is ready, the dog's body get wet with water, be careful not to pour water dog's eyes, ears, mouth. With the whole body wet, on pet shampoo (to the right amount According to the using method to use, because some pet shampoo can apply directly to the dog, some are need to be diluted) 。 Fourth, after playing good shampoo, use both hands gently rub your dog's body. Note that like the dog dog in areas such as the neck, hips, arms and legs must rub clean thoroughly. First, stomach and other sensitive areas must gently knead, don't hurt your dog. Fifth, after rubbing over, in to pet the dog's body thoroughly clean with clear water clean, don't leave in a bubble. It is important to note that after the dog dog washes the bath should use dry towel to wipe dry the water drops on, then the dog dog wet hair with a hair pet pet hair dryer blow dry thoroughly, in order to prevent the dog catch a cold sick.
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