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The dog a bath method correctly

by:Lingyu     2020-04-02
By maintaining a dog's health, the bath can shower also have the effect of cleaning dust, clean skin. Keep clean pore, can guarantee of healthy hair growth and rich luster. In the bath before this, be sure to comb the dog's body again, will clean the hair removal and hair knot. If found to have hair knot, do not use a brush to comb the forced best solution and combed carefully untied. Give a dog a bath the correct order of 1. Confirm the water temperature and then put in it: suddenly be in extreme cold or heat water, causes the dog frightened and fear will make it a bath. So before you put the dog in the water, should first try the water temperature with the hand, after confirm the water temperature is suitable to give it a bath. 2. Along the growth direction of the hair clean all parts of the body: 1) daub bath: will bath with the dog's body. When shampoo to lift the chin with his left hand, put his head in place. (2) cleaning dust: rub and massage the skin, make the surface dust. (3) clean eye: knead gently with fingertips around the eyes, avoid bath into the eye. (4) clean the mouth: around the mouth with food easily. With two hands grip the mouth, will wash dirt and rubbing. 5. Clean body: belly hold the skin with finger rub to wash. Don't forget to wash easily infected with urine MAO's belly. 6. Clean buttocks: hip is also very easy to dirty parts. Carefully clean the tail root. All landowners cleaning foot: the toes, should hold firmly to ankle, every detail part to wash. 3. Thoroughly rinse: after washes the bath, the body is rinsed clean. This bath is the most important step in the process. If bath residues in the body can't rinse, can cause skin irritation, so be sure to ensure the completeness of flushing. 4. Apply conditioner after rinse again carefully: conditioner can make the hair more soft, not easy to knot, especially for Yorkshire and shih tzus, longhaired breeds, such as are needed. Use and bath the same brand of protect hair fluid effect will be better. 5. Quick dry the water: after the shower, there is a lot of water on dog hair. In to the water before you give it with a towel to wipe off, so it will be easier to dry hair. Especially when they are in low temperature, should be quick to twist dry water. 6. The water with a towel to dry: after the shower, the dog's body will be immediately wipe dry. Will water with towel blot, MAO will dry faster. And it also will save time with blower. Twist dry body of water immediately after the dry the ear and face, and then to the whole body with a towel wrapped up. Long-haired dog fur is easy to tie a knot, so can't forcibly knead, are to be wrapped in a towel after rub slowly, until there is no water drops down. Remember, this process must be quickly, the sooner the better. 7. Blow dry: start with blower after dry with a towel. Start with large area place such as the abdomen and back blowing, combing with the dog brush side Angle transformation, dry parts of it. In order to avoid dry surface but also residual moisture of the skin, should be started blowing hair root and the distance between the dog and keep the hair pet dryer' target='_blank'>pet hair dryer. Dry process, to constantly test the temperature of the wind with the hand, in order to avoid high temperature burns skin.
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