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The dog a bath right method and matters needing attention

by:Lingyu     2020-04-23
Dog wash to note that the temperature of the bath is unfavorable and exorbitant also shoulds not be too low. Below small make up for the proper way to introduce the dog a bath and matters needing attention, the hope can help you! Dogs mainly from the main odor source of bad smell in the mouth, ears, the place such as skin lesions and the secretion of the anus. If it's in the oral cavity stones, or is it with periodontal disease and upper gastrointestinal tract anomalies and uremia, will have bad breath. If its ears inflammation, a stench coming from the ear also; Gave birth to the skin, the skin will have bad smell; It on both sides of the anus around anus gland often during discharge, by the way, could you squeeze with fish fishy secretions, is the most intolerable. One more thing, the dog body hair while it is possible to protect it from the external environment of damage, and the hair of the sebaceous glands secretion, prevent can also be used as a protective film of pathogen invasion. But what is undeniable is that the dog of the sebaceous glands secretion has a foul stench, not only that, the secretion will make on unclean be matted hair together, sends out the smell. When to give the dog a bath is the best period although dogs lick their useful has been MAO instinct for self cleaning, but it is not enough for the dog's clean, it's filthy and bad smell is not it with the tongue licking can remove, if you don't give the dog a bath, it is easy to incur pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. Depending on the degree of the dirty dog to decide whether to help it a bath, should be the most reasonable. Indoor feeding the dog in the summer of about seven to ten days to wash once, about two weeks in the winter wash bath a correct method in should make it before to bathe the dog for a walk, walk, so that the discharge of urine and feces in body. Also have to give it a comb by hair, it can not only make the tangled hair comb, prevent the hair tangles is more serious, and can remove the dog chunks of dirt, reduce the workload to bathe the dog. When combing, can use one hand holding the hair root, another hand, to relieve the pain of the dog. Step 1: water temperature dog's body temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature of the bath can best close to body temperature, which means in 35 to 38 degrees or so, the dog will feel quite comfortable; If the water is too hot, can cause systemic skin vasodilation, affect the brain blood flow. Special summer heat, the temperature can be appropriately down, about 25 - - - - - - 35 degrees. And big dogs and puppies temperature difference control according to the experience to master. Step 2: the single most important dog special bath in the process of selecting bath must see clear, is appropriate for their dogs! Some fans reaction, she choose after bath for a dog, the dog began to drop hair, the skin becomes very sensitive, scurfy also began to increase, even their skin picking, occurrence erythema of floor of is more terrible, because of the quality problems! After communicate with fans, small make up is saddened ah! Yao is very simple thing, but finally let the dog hurt!
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