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The dog dog beauty tool is introduced

by:Lingyu     2020-04-22
Takeaway: cleanser, repair the emulsion; Wash hair cream, hair conditioner, hair film; Liquid foundation, eyeliner, blush; Let's human make-up cosmetics abound. But our dog beauty appliances? How much for their parents are? Send multiple beauty school prepared four major tools for you. Wide tine 1, a comb and a fine-tooth comb. Should choose when buying gear tooth and the cross section is round, to avoid tear fur, and a dog skin damage. For long-haired dog, wide tooth comb is used to comb outer hair, comb suitable twisted hair; Fine-tooth comb is used to comb the inner coat. 2, combed wool implement short-haired dog is usually to comb with the comb wool implement, combed wool implement shape is a rectangle plate fixed with short, curved wire tooth, fitted with a handle. The undercoat is the work of combed wool implement dogs off underfur comb down. In addition to comb with the comb hair, another important appliance is shearing tools. Dogs have a wide variety of tools, shearing too professional shearing apparatus needed by the professional beautician to fencing, general owners usually just need to prepare 'scissors' 'nails'. 3, scissors, scissors assumes the circular at the end of the well is to select the blade type, in order to avoid accidentally stabbed a dog's skin. The function of the scissors is used to trim the eyes, ears, lips, and fine hair around the anus and genitals and soles of the feet. In addition, to be very careful with scissors don't put the dog dog beard cut off, while pruning can be used with a comb. 4, nails cut this dog's nails are often used to make noise tool, in order to eliminate the noise, the dog owners must help dog's nails regularly. When choosing the nails, please choose the blade type scissors is safe.
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