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The dog dog washes the bath to blow dry steps

by:Lingyu     2020-03-27
In dogs after a bath, then blow dry immediately, otherwise not only likely to catch a cold, and may even cause micro bacteria, skin diseases. Everyone is below small make up for the clean step on dog washes the bath to blow dry, welcome everyone to read! Please prepare the following tools: hair pet pet hair dryer, pliers, comb, comb needle, towels. The dog A bath after blow drying step meng as: A. Cover with a towel wet huskies, avoid huskies catch cold. B。 Use a needle to comb to inverse the huskies back in the direction of the hair to comb the hair with hair blower. C。 Then blow dry neck. Of the neck in gilling comb the hair and blow dry. D。 The head and facial hair. Comb, next to the eyes, nose hair comb layer upon layer to open and blow dry. E. Blowing chin hair. Gilling, up against hair comb, comb and blow dry. F。 Blow the feet. Hold the foot joints and up slightly, while combing blow dry. G。 Axillary and the abdomen of MAO. To raise two forelimbs respectively, using the needle comb, comb and blow dry. H。 The tail. Pull on the tail, use a needle to comb comb the hair, then blow dry. 我。 Ear inside and outside. The comb _ the side blowing hair, the inside of the ears also remember to blow dry. J。 Check every part of the inner hair dry again.
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