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The dog hair dry how to protect wet

by:Lingyu     2020-04-24
The dog hair dry how to do? Below small make up to introduce the dog how to protect wet hair dry, the hope can help you! 1, to stimulate the dog grooming hair follicle release moisturizing skin oil, is one of the best ways to carding this simple act on a regular basis. Combing can clean off the hair and dander, etc. , to prevent obstruction skin's surface. Characterized by hairy dog and the dog who double coat, combing prevent knot, help the dog dog massage. 2, correct bath shower right can help many symptoms, including skin dry and scurfy, itching and odor. On the other hand, the inferior shampoo, bath wrong methods, not blow dry, even excessive bath will make things worse. Dog's fur type, the skin ph value, skin structure and person is different, do not simply transplant people wash method to dogs. Get bath method, conditional dog also recommends tirelessness regularly, comprehensive sterilization repair fur, prevent the happening of the skin. 3, natural health bath waves don't blindly pursue shampoo stay sweet, fragrant is human shampoo more than 3 days. Stay too long, a fragrance shower gel discretion to use. High rates of skin diseases and poor quality shower gel can't get away. On the contrary, should choose as far as possible natural bath dew, rational to dog skin health. Tea tree oil, propolis, these ingredients such as oats, evening primrose oil is advantageous to the fur moisturizing, can pay attention to when choose. In addition, if the dog dog fur is dry, can be recommended in the bath after using conditioner for nursing to improve. 4, humidifier using humidifier can help restore moisture in the home, help alleviate pet and human dry skin. Cold winter, hot and dry. In the summer, blowing air conditioning room can consider to use. 5, nutrition supplements fur is another way to improve skin health fast, omega 3 and omega - 6 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients proven to promote the fur is soft, smooth, reduce hair removal, keep the moisture of the skin.
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