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The dog hair fade?

by:Lingyu     2020-04-23
Dog hair fade what are the reasons? Below small make up to introduce the dog hair fade to do, the hope can help you! Fade of the main reasons: 1. Dog's fading problem of improper diet and parents feeding method has much to do, feed the dog people eat food, picky about food, snacks, too much bad dog food causes of nutritional deficiencies, such as hair fade. 2. Sun dog nose becomes more and more shallow, colour also didn't before so shiny, also the sunshine have a certain relationship, effect pigment synthesis. Bring it in the sun more usually, absorb ultraviolet light, and exercise regularly, in order to promote the dog blood circulation, make the dog dog grow healthy hair. 3. Wash protect improper dog skin more vulnerable than man oh, take a bath when it is important to note that the water temperature should be appropriate, for beautiful, with warm water with pet special shampoos, remember to put the dog hair completely dry after being washed. Improper care, fade is not so simple, may cause skin diseases. 4. Physical aging dog fade aging is a natural phenomenon, fertility nutrients after big dog: mated and the mother who gave birth to a dog teddy color becomes shallow, for sick dog dog, older dogs. Hair health is part of the body health. How to improve the dog hair fade? Nutritional status of the hair, and a dog has a direct relationship! Amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids can play a critical role to improve dog coats, seaweed powder, lecithin and other beauty hair products can complement dogs need nutrition! Amino acids: plenty of amino acids to ensure quality of dog hair growth, let your hair grow faster and also more strong, can also improve hair bifurcate. Especially for a long-haired dog. Vitamins: vitamins can improve the body immunity, protect the integrity of the cell membrane and function, safeguarding the health of the fur, help skin absorb nutrients and decomposition. Fatty acids, especially Ω 3 Ω 6 multiple unsaturated fatty acids fatty dog fur is light of the main material, can also help it to absorb other nutrients. Lack of fatty acids can make dog itchy skin, dander, rough coat dry.
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