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The dog hair have electrostatic how to improve?

by:Lingyu     2020-04-23
Winter, because the environment is dry, electrostatic, pet hair is easy to take to dog grooming at ordinary times when you will hear coat clacked, and a dog hair with how to improve electrostatic, together go to look at! 1, improve the indoor environment, and humidity of the air drying is the main reason of the electrostatic generation environment, thus increase the humidity of the air in the environment can be said to be a fundamental solution. Prepare a humidifier and indoor moisture meter to proceed to understand the humidity level at any time. In addition to raise some more green plants, When selected must be careful not to choose plants that are toxic for the pets may) , these methods can increase the indoor humidity. In the air the moisture content increases, static electricity will be a lot less. 2, antistatic, wash protect is very important. Nursing main points: the long-haired dog, cat or double coat dog, master in grooming at ordinary times, can use protect hair spray, professional with the protection of oil or MAO MAO water first wet the hair, As long as a small amount) Combed with comb to step by step, and then, the reason is very simple, reduce static electricity, prevent hair dry after lost. Bathing place: choose moist, soft bath dew to bathe the dog. Can be illustrated through knowledge of product function, nourish the type bath dew generally contains: wheat germ oil, lanolin, vitamin E, cocoa butter, mink oil, and other nutrients. Can rapidly repair, nourish dry, damaged hair and skin and prevent dry, itchy, antistatic, restore the luster of hair and straight effect. 3, choose a anti-static comb to choose a good anti-static function combs can help host easily avoid electrostatic problems. Anti-static comb type generally have coating, coating and conductive material multiple, can better control the generation of static electricity. Because its main material is positively charged metal, in the process of combing neutralize the negative charge on the coat, can reduce the generation of static electricity. 4, giving the dog clothes to see whether the material in the winter, when most pet owners take the dog to go out when they put on clothes and buy clothes, suggested that as far as possible choose cotton fabric. If you choose other clothing material, the first thing to consider the risk of electrostatic generation. Every time go out after returned home, immediately to the pet grooming, prevent because of electrostatic generation hair knot.
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