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The dog hair knot method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-25
Pet grooming refers to by the top beauty products and superb pruning techniques and dyeing motivate add beauty, for the pet cover loss of body shape, add beauty, so as to let the dog dog and master the effect of physical and mental pleasure. Below small make up to introduce the dog hair knot method, I hope it can help you! Open hair knot method for dogs with severe tangles, should use a comb or steel wire brush along the direction of hair growth, since maojian tea comb, comb the hair root. Point point, don't comb to pull hard, lest cause pain or pull out hair. If serious, rolling and making felts available scissors along the direction of the hair root to ZhanPian cut open, and then comb, comb if still does not open, can only bring blanket parts cut off. Open hair knot considerations don't wet dog body hair wet dry again, they will like wool shrink, at this moment it is impossible to comb them open, so the hair knot dog is not to touch water. Fire makes sweet malt processing wool is a very test the patience of job. Dog owners must pay more than the patience to deal with, as long as the patient can open hair knot. Two comb with the comb first comb hair at the ends of the knot, then slowly move to the hair root. When feel comb the hair already, reoccupy mane comb the hair comb is smooth. Shun hair spray oil rich in sheep wool spray, can make things easier to comb hair. Don't be too long if dogs knot place more than one place, or knot is too serious, sorting, time not too long. Every time combing not more than 10 minutes, a moderate amount of rest and encouragement, and to give up the idea of dogs resistance struggle.
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